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The Norwegian Nudging Network (NNN) is a proud initiative of academics, public officers, professionals and students who share a genuine interest in contributing to the advancement of Nudge theory and Nudging practices in Norway.
As a daughter organization of the European Nudging Network, we strive to promote the study, research and experimentation of Behavioral Sciences in an easily understandable and “light read” fashion across academia, organizations, government and citizens.
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Nudge Portugal, is an initiative oriented towards the application of Behavioral Insights to the Improvement of Healthcare Systems and Patient Outcomes, currently in process of incubation at The Healthcare City by NOVA Medical School.
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Nudge Unit Greece (NUG) is comprised of professionals who have a solid background in Economics and Psychology. As a team, they combine these two fields in order to bring a fresh perspective in Greek society by starting the NudgeUnitGreece blog, the first blog from Greece with Behavioral Economics (BE) content. The vision of NUG is to bring together professionals occupied in BE, young people and students who are BE enthusiasts, and everyday people whose lives could improve through nudges.
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The European Nudge Network is a platform for accelerating information dissemination and collaboration across Europe based on the template of the successful Danish Nudging Network.
The European Nudge Network is meant to map and facilitate these efforts as well as inspire and and support new national initiatives throughout the European Union.
On June 27, at Roskilde University in Copenhagen, a conference titled THE NEW POLICY ABsC - 5 years of Applied Behavioral Science in Public Policy is set to launch the European Nudge Network by gathering for the first time all European actors involved in applying behavioural sciences to policymaking.